The Briefly for February 20, 2019 – The “Corporation Hunting Season Has Officially Begun” Edition

The hero/villain screaming obscenities at pre-K kids, Diddy(‘s wax statue) decapitated, raccoons take over a Canarsie subway station, and more in today’s daily NYC newsletter.

Today’s forecast is snow followed by rain and 50˚ on Thursday. (NY Post)

How to watch tonight’s Public Advocate debate. There are seven candidates in tonight’s debate, but 17 candidates will be on the ballot. Tonight’s debaters are State Assemblyman Michael Blake, City Councilman Rafael Eespinal, State Assemblyman Ron Kim, journalist and activist Nomiki Konst, former City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, former Obama staffer Dawn Smalls, and City Councilman Jumaane Williams. (Patch)

Is Uber the city’s next target after beating back Amazon? (NY Times)

They’re the kings of the dollar slice, but at Upside Pizza they’re looking to prove that they can create a respectable pizza. (NY Times)

A look at the Hudson Yards, a “billionaire’s fantasy city.” (New York Magazine)

10 secrets of Fordham University. (Untapped Cities)

All hail the subway bully kitten! (Gothamist)

Someone hates Diddy enough to decapitate his wax statue at Madame Tussauds. (Pitchfork)

How Greenpoint became a dining hot spot. (amNY)

There are 200,000 fire escapes in the city, and each one has to be inspected every five years. (StreetEasy)

The NYPD wants to play Duck Hunt with unauthorized drones over the city’s skies. (Gothamist)

Employers in the city had to be reminded that banning dreadlocks is not only racist, but it’s also illegal. (Patch)

The Staten Island Levee was unveiled by the governor, mayor, Chuck Schumer, and Congressman Max Rose. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will build a 5.3 mile and $615 million sea wall that is scheduled to break ground in 2020 and be completed in 2024. (6sqft)

Lynne Patton, President Trump’s regional administrator at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, had to be rescued by the FDNY after being trapped in an elevator in an Upper West Side NYCHA building while she’s in the middle of her four week publicity stunt to live in NYCHA buildings. (Gothamist)

Last night was the first night of a cutoff of late night B and D service for the next three weeks in the Bronx. (Welcome2TheBronx)

Trash pandas have taken over the East 105th Street station on the L. Maybe they’ll take over the late night construction too. (NY Post)

The Strand hit the third stage of grief and has begun openly bargaining with the Landmarks Commission in an attempt to avoid landmark status. (Gothamist)

A state appeals court ruled against the police union that NYPD body cam footage is public and should be readily available to the public. (CNN)

[CORRECTED LINK] The Lams are a Chinese-American family living in a 350 square-foot apartment in Chinatown. Photographer Thomas Holton has been documenting their lives in photographs for the last fifteen years. (Gothamist)

Downtown Manhattan rents hit $3,724, an all-time high for January. (StreetEasy)

Is this Sunnyside woman a hero or villain for screaming at pre-kindergarteners to, and this is the quote, “shut the fuck up” during recess? (Gothamist)

The five weirdest tombs and mausoleums at Green-Wood Cemetery. (Untapped Cities)

Where to eat near Union Square. (The Infatuation)

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The Briefly for February 19, 2019 – The “I Was Only Joking About Shooting Him On Sight” Edition

Horse-drawn carriages move inside Central Park, the Manhattan Population Explorer, Mt. Sinai’s “Man Cave” prostate center, and more in today’s daily NYC news update.

The Lams are a Chinese-American family living in a 350 square-foot apartment in Chinatown. Photographer Thomas Holton has been documenting their lives in photographs for the last fifteen years. (Gothamist)

“American police shot and killed 998 people in 2018. In the UK, in the deadliest year of police shootings in the last 14 years, only six people were killed by police” says a deleted Corey Johnson tweet. As you could imagine, the Police Benevolent Association isn’t pleased. (NY Post)

“I was only joking” isn’t a great excuse for an NYPD commanding officer to shoot 50 Cent “on sight.” (Gothamist)

Horse-drawn carriages are moving inside Central Park as the mayor’s new plan will be put into place by February 25. It’s a far cry from the mayor’s 2013 promise to remove the carriages completely. (Chelsea Now)

Play with the Manhattan Population Explorer to watch how people move around Manhattan through the week. Maybe you can use it to find a quiet place. (

Is the city’s educational climate biased against boys? (NY Post)

A burnt out Infiniti FX35 is sitting at the intersection of Flatbush and Fleet Street and has for days. At the very least the car is parked in an intersection, you’d think it would be ticketed or towed. (NY Post)

RIP Patricia Barbati Coffey, co-owner of legendary pizza parlor L&B Spumoni Gardens. Coffey lost her battle with ALS. (Daily News)

Exploring an (assumed) abandoned tunnel in Bushwick. (Luke Heater)

Could James Dolan’s reign of terror of owning the Knicks be coming to a merciful end? (NBC Sports)

As far as double entendres go, Mt. Sinai calling their prostrate health center the “Man Cave” is top notch. (Metro)

The A&A Bake and Double and Roti Shop in Bed Stuy won the James Beard Foundation’s American Classics award for their “timeless appeal.” It was one of five recipients, but the only in New York and the only Caribbean restaurant as well. (Brooklyn Paper)

Congestion pricing gets the New York Times profile treatment. (NY Times)

With the implosion of the Amazon HQ2 deal, the next targets for the progressives are the state’s tax incentives for corporations. (Politico)

Where to eat on the Upper West Side. (Eater)

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The Briefly for President’s Day, 2019 – The “A Tale of Two Long Island Cities” Edition

RIP Henny Rat, a new secret bar, the city council wants to cap broker’s fees, bodegas want to be able to sell weed, the Alamo Drafthouse is expending, and more in today’s daily NYC news digest.

A quick list of what’s closed and what’s open for President’s Day when it comes to federal and city government buildings and the subways. (Patch)

White residents in Bed Stuy are being targeted by the city’s Airbnb enforcers, according to State Assembly Member Tremaine Wright. (The Real Deal)

Amazon leaving was the “worst day for NYC since 9/11,” and “this time, the terrorists were elected,” according to David Lichtenstein of the Lightstone Group, owns a 428 apartment building in Long Island City. Never forget. (The Real Deal)

What does the future hold for Long Island City real estate? “We were perfectly fine three months ago [before the Amazon announcement], and we’ll be perfectly fine going forward,” according to the CEO of Modern Spaces, which has 70% of the market share of Long Island City listings. (Curbed)

A city council bill is looking to cap broker’s fees at a maximum of one month’s rent. (The Real Deal)

It’s great that you’ve been inspired by Marie Kondo, but don’t put knives in bags of your donated clothing. (NY Times)

6 new art installations in the subways that are worth checking out. (Untapped Cities)

11 restaurants were ordered closed last week. Don’t read this list while eating. (Patch)

A ranking of the city’s eight food delivery services. (Grubstreet)

Brooklyn’s Alamo Drafthouse is expanding. They signed a new lease that will add 25,000 square feet to the theater, which should open in 2020. (The Real Deal)

As if things weren’t already rough enough at the Bedford stop on the L, pieces of the temporary patching from construction are falling from the ceiling. (Gothamist)

Because the city hasn’t had enough dealings with billionaires in 2019, Elon Musk has outlined strategies to connect JFK, LaGuardia and Manhattan with a hyper loop system. (6sqft)

11 restaurants in the city made AAA’s five-diamond list. (Patch)

The folks behind Death & Company opened a new secret bar. Better get a jump on this one before it ends up on all the “best of” lists next to Please Don’t Tell. (Time Out)

Everyone chill. The Department of Health is slowing their crackdown on CBD infused food and drinks, with fines kicking in on July 1. (Eater)

Here comes New York’s fatberg. (Gothamist)

The updated MTA subway etiquette posters we need. (New Yorker)

Photos from the 20th annual Lunar New Year parade and festival. (718News)

Mice, filth, broken sewage systems, and that’s just the start of the problems in Trump branded restaurants across the city. (Daily News)

The governor’s latest revision to the state’s budget doesn’t include funding for the implementation of early voting. (Upstate Politics)

Carlos Danger is out of prison and in a re-entry center in Brooklyn. (NY Times)

Once weed is legal, bodega owners want a piece of the action. (NY Post)

Jagger Freeman was the second man arrested, charged, and held without bail in connection the alleged robbery attempt that ended with the NYPD shooting one of their own. (amNY)

RIP Henny Rat. (Gothamist)

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Amazon HQ2 Survey
Amazon HQ2 Survey